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  • Story of My Life

    I love working with photographer Christine Rucker for lots of reasons. First, she has a way of putting people at ease with her gentle, unassuming style and easy laugh. They get it right away that she sees them. I believe she possesses extra senses that ordinary people like me just don’t have. Christine also gives me…

  • The Murders at Grassy Creek

    When three people were murdered on a Grayson County, Va., Christmas tree farm, suspicion soon focused on Freddie Hammer, a man who earned his living chopping firewood and doing odd jobs in neighboring Ashe County, N.C. In 2008, reporter Monte Mitchell of the Winston-Salem Journal spent several months unraveling Hammer’s complicated past, including his conviction on…

  • Alzheimer’s Disease Changes a Beloved Husband

    Living with Alzheimer’s disease has changed everything for George Griswold, but nothing more than his marriage to his wife, Nan. Laura Giovanelli wrote a compelling portrait of the Griswolds in the Sunday, Aug. 16 edition of the Winston-Salem Journal. See photographs and hear them talk about their marriage.