Remember This Name

Once in a while I get lucky. Not too long ago, my old colleague Chris English called and asked me for help. He’s the photo editor for university publications at UNC Greensboro, and he’d just come back from a photo shoot with a UNCG alum in Nashville, where he’d taken oodles of photographs, shot video and collected audio.

“You gotta hear this!” he said. He was on a tight deadline, and he needed my help knocking together an audio slideshow.

I can’t resist the combination of still images, sound (and under the right circumstances, video). So I said yes.

I’m so glad I did.

Remember the name Karla Davis, OK, because I expect that you’ll be hearing it again. She’s a former UNCG soccer star — a scholarship player who until just a couple of years ago hadn’t really spent any time playing a guitar and wouldn’t sing in public.

Then she won the Colgate Country Showdown contest (the same contest that launched the likes of Brad Paisley and Leann Rimes), took the $100,000 in prize money and set out for Nashville, where she’s finishing the work on her first recording, which is going to be titled Here I Am.”

Indeed. Here she is.

See the story in this summer’s UNCG Alumni Magazine.