In the Doghouse

One thing really does lead to another. Last fall, John Steinberger was sitting in his back yard, idly thinking about his neighbor, Lisa. She’d just put her house on the market, and she’d just gotten a new dog. He didn’t want her to leave. Maybe, just maybe, he thought, he could do something to convince her to stay.

He zeroed in on the prefab house she’d bought for her rescued Jack Russell, Cookie. Now John is a cat man, not a dog man, but he recognized a convergence of interests, and he went for it. Maybe an over-the-top, custom-built doghouse would be just the thing to show Lisa what a great neighborhood she lived in.

So John set about building a solar-heated doghouse for Cookie. And as he got started, well, let’s just say he encountered mission creep. He told Lisa it would be finished in a couple of weeks, but . . .


The whole story will be available soon on “Destination DIY,” an awesome radio show produced by Julie Sabatier.