Liz Spear: Thread of the Story

Meet Liz Spear, one of five artists that the river partners (or, as some of our fans now call us, ‘the dream team’) are meeting and featuring as part of Piedmont Craftsmen Inc.’s 50th anniversary commemoration. Never mind that I feel kind of like a shy kid kicking in the dust in the dugout, watching an all-star batter knock an inside fast ball across the left-field fence. I mean, Christine, Phoebe and I get to hang out with some of the most gifted and visionary artists working in the Southeast today. I love that they’re incredibly patient with us when we haul our gear into their work spaces and set up shop for the day.

But I digress. Artists like Liz inspire us with their commitment to craft, their exquisite attention to detail, their willingness to trade the promise of a regular paycheck for the satisfaction of creating works of art. Work that dazzles. Work that makes us laugh. Work that keeps us warm. Work that opens a doorway through which we are invited to enter and dream.